• In 1995, Neil Gordon's Sacrifice of Isaac was one of the most acclaimed novels of the year. Newsday said it "immediately vaults Gordon into the company of John le Carré and Graham Greene." The Washington Post called it "one of those rare works of fiction that are both edifying and almost sinfully pleasurable." The San Francisco Chronicle described it as "the best kind of page-turner."
    Now Neil Gordon returns with The Gun Runner's Daughter, an equally compelling tale of moral and psychological suspense, the story of two lawyers who fall in love while they are on opposite sides of an arms-dealing scandal.
    For twenty-seven years, Allison Rosenthal has lived the life of the liberal elite, from summers in Martha's Vineyard to her studies at Yale. But when her father is indicted on federal charges and his profession--arms dealing--is exposed to public scrutiny, her placid life changes radically. And when her secret childhood lover is named as her father's prosecuting attorney, she must decide where her loyalties lie in a trial that is rocking the presidential administration.
    Does family come before politics? Love before law? Truth before loyalty? These are the questions the gun runner's daughter must face as she tries to negotiate the dangerous and murky world of her father's profession and the ambiguous morality of power politics in America and Israel. In this audaciously entertaining intellectual thriller, Neil Gordon brings the personal and political together with the mastery of a great storyteller.
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Law student Allison Rosenthal has lived a life of privilege - the finest schools, summers on Martha's Vineyard - her future is both brilliant and certain. But when her father is arrested for illegally selling arms to Bosnian Muslims on behalf of an Israeli weapons manufacturer, Allison's life is thrown into chaos.
    As the trial rocks the presidential administration and the media's unblinking eye focuses on her family, Allison is forced to decide where her loyalties lie. Audacious and thrilling, The Gun Runner's Daughter cleverly explores the consequences of personal and political entanglement.

  • Anglais The Company You Keep

    Neil Gordon

    When journalist Benjamin Schulberg discovers a link between liberal lawyer Jim Grant and a notorious Vietnam-era fugitive, the world that Jim has carefully built for himself and his daughter collapses.His cover blown, Jim is forced to go on the run after decades living under his false identity. Still wanted for his part in an act of domestic terrorism in 1974, he must travel deep into his past to clear his name and save his young daughter.Set against the backdrop of the Vietnam war, The Company You Keep is an intelligent thriller about political ideals, family loyalties, and the shadowy world of the radical anti-war group the Weather Underground.

  • Anglais You're a Big Girl Now

    Neil Gordon

    2011. Isabel Montgomery, investigative journalist, is the granddaughter of one of America's most radical lawyers, the daughter of one of America's most famous protesters. She's going to expose the Obama administration's unconstitutional surveillance of its citizens in the New York Times.
    Forced into hiding after her story breaks, she takes refuge in her grandparents' abandoned home. There, surrounded by the past she's run from for years, she makes a discovery that sees her question everything that led her to this moment.
    You're A Big Girl Now is a gripping, intelligent thriller about the moral and political responsibilities of the citizen in the modern world. For every choice, there is a consequence. The question is: should Isabel suffer for a choice she didn't make?

  • Anglais Sacrifice of Isaac

    Neil Gordon

    Luke Benami is twenty-six years old when his father's sudden death compels him to return to Israel from America. Until now, he believed that his father was a great man, an Israeli national hero, and that his brother was the army deserter and criminal his family said he was.But as he searches for his estranged brother, he begins a dangerous investigation that will challenge every certainty - about his father, his brother and his homeland.Spellbinding and provocative, Sacrifice of Isaac is a thrilling novel about personal and political choices that probes the dark history of modern Israel.

  • Années 60, États-Unis. Les slogans anti-guerre du Vietnam fusent dans les rues : la jeunesse se révolte... et va parfois jusqu'à commettre l'irréparable. C'est ce que va découvrir trente ans plus tard Isabel Grant lorsqu'un e mail de son père vient bouleverser son univers. Aujourd'hui avocat respecté, cet ancien activiste du weather underground a reconstruit sa vie après un drame, changeant d'identité. Mais peut-on effacer son passé en toute impunité ? " Dérangeant, cérébral... L'intrigue de Gordon est remarquable " - The New York Times Book Review

  • Now a major motion picture directed by Robert Redford and starring Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon, Julie Christie, Terence Howard, Anna Kendrick, Nick Nolte, and Stanley Tucci
    It is 2006. Seventeen-year-old Isabel Montgomery starts to receive emails from her father, a man who had abandoned her in a hotel room ten years ago when his past finally caught up with him. Why has he contacted her now? Because he needs her help and is finally ready to reveal the truth. Over the course of the next month, further emails arrive telling her more about her family's past. Isabel discovers that her father adopted a false identity in the hope of avoiding murder charges for a robbery gone wrong in 1974. By 1996, with a marriage falling apart around him, he is one last Vietnam-era fugitives still wanted by the law. When he is finally tracked down by a young newspaper reporter in search of a story he must abandon years of safe underground life in an attempt to exonerate himself. Set against the rise and fall of the radical anti-war group the Weather Underground, The Company You Keep is a sweeping American saga about sacrifice, the righteousness of youth, and the tension between political ideals and family loyalties.

  • Working Positively with Personality Disorder in Secure Settings provides a positive, compassionate and evidence-based guide to working with patients with personality disorders. Unique in both its coverage and in its positive and evidence-based approach to working with patients with personality disorders Written with a practical focus by experienced practitioners in the field Offers a broad approach, with contributions from forensic and clinical psychologists, nurses, and therapists Covers therapy and therapeutic relationships, and issues of supervision, workforce development, treatment evaluation, team dynamics and managing boundaries Includes a strong patient focus and a number of personal accounts from patients who have received therapy themselves

  • This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary volume brings together diverse analyses of state space in historical and contemporary capitalism.
    The first volume to present an accessible yet challenging overview of the changing geographies of state power under capitalism.
    A unique, interdisciplinary collection of contributions by major theorists and analysts of state spatial restructuring in the current era.
    Investigates some of the new political spaces that are emerging under contemporary conditions of `globalization'.
    Explores state restructuring on multiple spatial scales, and from a range of theoretical, methodological and empirical perspectives.
    Covers a range of topical issues in contemporary geographical political economy.
    Contains case study material on Western Europe, North America and East Asia, as well as parts of Africa and South America.

  • Nick Bellini, médecin et millionnaire, Joanna NeilEn visite chez son père, Katie Logan est profondément troublée par l'homme que ce dernier lui présente : le Dr Nick Bellini, un riche médecin au charme irrésistible. Aussi se laisse-t-elle aller au plaisir d'être courtisée par ce gentleman accompli... Hélas, le conte de fée se transforme vite en cauchemar, quand elle découvre que Nick ne cherche à la séduire que pour parvenir à ses fins : racheter le vignoble appartenant à la famille Logan depuis des générations...Un mariage tant attendu, Abigail GordonHumiliée par son fiancé, qui l'a quittée pour une autre le jour même de leur mariage, Amélie s'est juré de ne plus jamais accorder sa confiance à un homme. Pour oublier cette cruelle trahison et repartir de zéro, elle accepte un poste de médecin remplaçant dans un petit village du Devon. Mais à peine arrivée à Bluebell Cove, elle sent une force irrépressible la pousser vers son confrère, le Dr Leo Fenchurch - connu pour collectionner les conquêtes...