Livres en VO

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.4 ; Jesse James


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Novembre 2012

    The story of Robin Hood has made a strong impression on Jesse James, and he would like to become a bandit with a big heart, like his hero. With the help of his brother Frank and his cousin Cole Younger, he decides to steal from the rich and redistribute the loot to the poorâ´S But soon the trio is keeping the stolen money and spreading terror wherever they go. At Nothing Gulch, Lucky Luke is more than ready for them. But will he be able to rid the town of these desperados, when the population, terrorized, does nothing to help him?

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.80 ; the albi


    • Cinebook
    • 20 Octobre 2021

    Lucky Luke is contacted by a rich individual with an unusual request:
    he wants to hire the Lonesome Cowboy to escort his stepdaughter
    Gisella on a trip across the Wild West. He wants her to see for
    himself the hard life of settlers and frontiersmen at least once
    before she settles into a comfortable married life. Luke arranges a
    few fake, safe incidents to entertain the young woman, but she's no
    shrinking violet, and tends to charge headlong into trouble ...

  • Once again, Luke is called to the penitentiary, though for once the
    Daltons haven't escaped. They have, however, just learned that their
    cousin Emmett, last survivor of the original Dalton gang, has a son -
    and that Averell was chosen as his godfather! Now Lucky Luke has to
    accompany the dumbest bandits in the West to the young boy's house,
    as Averell has been temporarily entrusted with his education. A job
    that his brothers see as an excellent opportunity to get rich ...

  • Anglais The Bluecoats t.13 ; bull run


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Avril 2022

    A new recruit makes the mistake of asking Blutch to tell him about
    the infamous battle of Bull Run ... in public! The hostility of the
    other Union soldiers is immediate, yet Blutch eventually explains the
    reason for it. That battle, the first major one of the war, which had
    seemed to the North like such an inevitable victory that masses of
    civilians had gone to watch it as spectators, ended in a complete
    rout. And Blutch and Chesterfield were there ...

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.76 ; Oklahoma jim

    , ,

    • Cinebook
    • 22 Octobre 2020

    Kid Luck, still travelling with Old Timer, arrives in Mushroom City.
    After months in the wild, they're both glad to find a place where
    they can have some fun! While the old gold miner has every intention
    to enjoy himself, though, he immediately sends Luke ... straight to
    school! A horrible sentence for the young cowboy-in-the-making, who
    is about to meet a quartet of already nasty little brats, and a
    pistolero with somewhat ... flexible morals!

  • Anglais Yakari t.19 ; the devil of the woods


    • Cinebook
    • 17 Décembre 2021

    In the middle of winter, while Yakari and his friends play in the
    snow, the tribe's hunters kill a terrified wapiti. A welcome catch,
    for the stocks of food are running low. But the next day, all the
    meat that had been left to dry has disappeared! The hunters set out
    after the thief, and soon begin to suspect a bear. Yakari then
    decides to visit his furry friends to identify the culprit ...

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.62 ; the cursed ranch

    , , ,

    • Cinebook
    • 17 Février 2017

    When oil suddenly gushes from the ground in Whitney, it makes prospectors very happy, but not the inhabitants, for a pestilential smell soon covers the small town. Abandoning her home, Whitney's elder Miss Bluemarket moves to Smithville with her three pets - three adult buffaloes. Her search for a new home makes her easy prey for unscrupulous estate agents, and soon she finds herself owning a property whose mere name has the locals shaking in their boots: the Bates ranch...

  • This third volume in the collection brings us to the very edge of
    absolute greatness, with two later, far more mature solo outings -
    Doc Doxey's Elixir (including Manhunt) and Phil Wire (including Lucky
    Luke and Pill) were first published in 1955 and 1956, and already
    Luke was much closer to the cowboy that we now have in mind -
    followed by Rails on the Prairie, the first collaboration between
    Morris and Goscinny, that would usher in 30 years of a legendary
    collaboration. These stories are prefaced by a staggering 46 pages of
    extra material - biographies, essays, interviews, illustrations -
    that will delight every fan.

  • Covering the years 1957 to 1959, this fifth volume of the Complete
    Collection brings together in its 144 pages three volumes that truly
    open the golden age of the Morris-Goscinny team. In The Judge, the
    new writer adopts the tradition of introducing historical characters
    - here Judge Roy Bean. As for The Oklahoma Land Rush, it's based on
    historical events, another future tradition of the series. Finally,
    The Daltons' Escape sees the return of the Dalton cousins, and the
    beginning of a long and distinguished career as recurring villains.
    Comic history being written, now in hardback format!

  • Big surprise for the Lonesome Cowboy: a rich widow and admirer of his
    exploits has bequeathed him a 250 acre cotton plantation in
    Louisiana! Thrust into the role of a rich landowner, welcomed as one
    by his white neighbours, he will have to fight to gain the trust of
    his terrified black employees and split his heritage among them. A
    goal towards which he'll receive help from the local Cajun community,
    and from ... the Daltons!

  • The 144 pages of this fourth volume of the `Complete Collection'
    contains three full titles. While The Bluefeet are Coming! was penned
    by Morris himself, Lucky Luke vs Joss Jamon and The Dalton Cousins
    are the results of the legendary partnership between Morris and
    Goscinny, and the genius writer's talent shines through even in the
    team's early efforts - which here include the first appearance of
    those who would soon become the most infamous (and stupidest) bandits
    in the Old West! Goscinny and the Daltons in superb hardback format -
    an unmistakable volume.

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.6 ; Ma Dalton


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Novembre 2012

    Lucky Luke makes the acquaintance of Ma Dalton at Cactus Junction, and he quickly realizes that the saying, âlike mother, like sonâ has never been so true! Ma is regarded as an eccentric and amusing old lady; for example, she holds up the shopkeepers as she does her shopping. But everything changes when her sons escape from prison and Joe Dalton passes himself off as his mother and starts holding up banks in the area. Lucky Luke, always on the watch, follows the trail of the Dalton family, thanks to Rin tin can...

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.12 ; the rivals of Painful Gulch


    • Cinebook
    • 25 Mars 2013

    Two rival families live in Painful Gulch: the O'Timmins clan, who have big noses, and the O'Haras, who have big ears. They've been fighting for decades and don't even know why anymore. Lucky Luke is appointed mayor in order to bring peace back to the town. But the men and their thick-headed sense of honour will wreck all of Lucky Luke's plans for reconciliation. Our hero must find a solution!

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.2 ; ghost town


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Novembre 2012

    As he roams with his horse Jolly Jumper, always seeking new adventures, Lucky Luke meets two suspicious characters, Denver Miles and Colorado Bill. Together they arrive on the outskirts of a deserted city, Gold Hill, which counts only one inhabitant. The old man, Powell, is the sole survivor of a gold rush that he has not given up on, despite years without success. He continues to work his mine, which Denver and Colorado soon try to take over any way they can. But Lucky Luke, who has taken a liking to the old man, is looking out for him and will save him from many troubles...

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.65 ; ghost hunt


    • Cinebook
    • 11 Août 2017

    In the Old West, there's nothing strange about a stagecoach getting robbed. But a stagecoach vanishing without a trace, now... Hired to protect the next coach and its important passengers, Lucky Luke finds himself teaming up with a particularly irritated Calamity Jane - something of hers was on the missing vehicle. The two of them soon begin hearing rather unpleasant rumours: whispers that the disappearance was caused by ... a mysterious ghost!

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.67 ; Belle Star


    • Cinebook
    • 20 Avril 2018

    Arriving at the town of Fort Smith with a prisoner, Lucky Luke is
    surprised to find a place in turmoil and a thoroughly annoyed
    sheriff. Belle Starr, a rich ranch owner, keeps posting bail for
    every bandit arrested in town, with the complicity of a corrupt
    judge, before recruiting them in her own gang and carrying out
    various attacks and robberies. Unfortunately, she is also such a
    pillar of the community that no one believes she could possibly be

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.71 ; a cowboy in Paris


    • Cinebook
    • 20 Décembre 2018

    While dragging the Daltons back to a new prison after their umpteenth escape, Luke comes across a French sculptor, Bartholdi, who's touring the West with a strange sculpture: a colossal hand holding a torch. In fact, it's part of the now famous Statue of Liberty, and Bartholdi is raising funds towards its construction and transport from France. It's not long before our cowboy is recruited by his government to escort Lady Liberty ... from Paris!

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.54 ; rodeo


    • Cinebook
    • 27 Novembre 2015

    Lucky Luke arrives at Navajo City just in time to sign up for the town's big rodeo. But the prize money promised to the winner is attracting some unsavoury types, and among the participating cowboys is one Cactus Kid, an unrepentant bully and outlaw. The clash is inevitable, both in and outside the arena, and Luke will have to fight with his customary aplomb and humour - before riding off to new adventures.

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.74 ; the klondike


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Mai 2020

    Gold has been found in the Klondike, a remote region in the Canadian
    far north! Jasper, the manservant of `Tenderfoot' Waldo, went to try
    his luck ... and vanished. Worried about his man, Waldo calls upon his
    old friend Lucky Luke. The two men will have to make the dangerous
    trip to the Klondike, only to face all those who, in that desolate,
    inhospitable land, will stop at nothing in order to fleece their
    fellow man.

  • Anglais Yakari t.17 ; the snow bird


    • Cinebook
    • 19 Décembre 2019

    One day when heavy rains force them to play inside, Yakari and
    Rainbow are startled by a strange sound. To their amazement, it's
    followed by their whole tipi suddenly taking off and flying straight
    north, with them inside! After several hours of a not entirely
    pleasant journey, they're greeted on landing by Rainbow's spirit
    guide Nanabozho, the Great Rabbit, who wants them to meet the
    inhabitants of the great north. Among those is a mysterious white
    bird ...

  • Anglais Yakari t.18 ; the wall of fire


    • Cinebook
    • 18 Février 2021

    In the middle of the night, a daring thief from another tribe makes
    off with the horses of Yakari's people. Only Little Thunder managed
    to escape him by fleeing into the forest. While the warriors hurry
    after their precious mounts, Yakari goes in search of his friend ...
    who is himself trailing the thief! Once the two groups converge near
    a huge camp, Yakari will have to display extraordinary cleverness to
    help his folk...

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.1 ; Billy the kid


    • Cinebook
    • 22 Novembre 2012

    Lucky Luke is a one-hundred-percent real hero of the Old West. He is squarely on the side of the law and dedicates his life to seeing that justice is done. He travels around delivering it wherever he goes, accompanied by his faithful companion, Jolly Jumper.Arriving at Fort Weakling, he changes into a formidable bandit. Why?Does his meeting with Billy the Kid, a living legend of the Old West, influence him?

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.30 ; the Daltons' escape


    • Cinebook
    • 25 Mars 2013

    "The Daltons have escaped!" Words that all fans of Lucky Luke know well. But this is the story of the first time that the idiotic brothers break out of jail. Driven by Joe's unshakable need to get revenge on Lucky Luke, the outlaws terrorise several towns before hatching a genius plan: Get the Lonesome Cowboy his very own wanted poster. As the local populace begins turning on him, Luke will display infinite patience in order to catch his quarry.

  • Anglais Lucky Luke t.29 ; the grand duke


    • Cinebook
    • 25 Mars 2013

    Grand Duke Leonid of Russia is in Washington to sign a commercial treaty on behalf of the Tsar. But this larger-than-life aristocrat has read too much Fennimore Cooper and wants to visit the West. The US government is forced to agree to his whim-but wisely chooses Lucky Luke to escort him to the cattle capital of the West: Abilene. A good thing, too, because the Russian Grand Duke encounters real American desperadoes on his visit!